RF Films 


Imágenes (video) de Chile, América Latina y Europa


Norte (Northern Chile)
  • Atacama Desert
  • Lake Chungará (highest in the world)
  • Altiplano Villages
  • Altiplano Fauna (Llamas, Vicuñas,etc)
  • City of Arica and surroundings
  • Chinchorro Mummies (4.000 B.C.)
  • City of Iquique and surroundings 
  • Giant prehistoric Geoglyphs 
  • Villages in desert (Chiu Chiu, Pica, Matilla, others)
  • Abandon Mine villages
  • City of Antofagasta and surroundings
  • Mines
  • ...and many others

Zona Central (Central Zone)

  • Santiago (modern and traditional)
  • Santa Lucía hill and fortress
  • San Cristóbal hill , Image of Virgin Mary atop 
  • Funicular, Lifts that go up side of San Cristóbal hill
  • Downtown Santiago 
  • University Campuses
  • Barrio Londres-París
  • Santiago´s Metro 
  • La Moneda, Presidential Palace
  • Agriculture countryside
  • Fresh Fruit Industry
  • Fruit processing
  • Port of Valparaíso and surroundings
  • Viña del Mar (city and beaches)
  • Valparaíso
  • Beaches (Zapallar, Algarrobo, Isla Negra)
  • People Dancing La Cueca
  • Mining activities
  • Vineyards (aerial shots) 
  • Vineyard harvesting 
  • Wine production process
  • Ski Resorts

Isla de Pascua (Easter Island)
  • Moai stone statues
  • Caves
  • Anakena beach
  • Underwater images
  • Islanders

Sur y Patagonia (Southern Chile and Patagonia)

  • Lake Area
  • Rafting, water sports
  • Volcanoes (Villarrica, Osorno)
  • Chiloé Islands (traditional culture, boats, cousine,etc)
  • Magellan Straight 
  • City of Punta Arenas
  • Antarctica

  • Buenos Aires
  • Panoramas of the town (from uptop building)
  • Classical buildings
  • Avenue 9 de Julio
  • Avenue de Mayo
  • Obelisco
  • Casa Rosada (Presidential Palace)
  • Congress Building
  • Resturants Paseo del Pilar
  • Buenos Aires Design Centre
  • Puerto Madero (chic restaurants and walking)
  • Tango Dancing in the street 
  • Coffee shop La Biela (people outdoors tables) 
  • Coffee shop El Molino (old interior)
  • ThermoElectric Central "Central Puerto" (Turbines, offices)
  • Neuquen (1million inhabitants city southern Argentina)
  • Aerial Panorama of the town (Helicopter)
  • Aerial View of modern thermoelectric plant (in the Pampa)
  • Electric line
  • Gas extracting Plant in the Pampa


  • La Paz (Capital city)
  • Central Square
  • Congress
  • Presidential Place
  • Cathedral
  • San Francisco Church and plaza
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Panorama of the Lake and Cordillera Real
  • Copacabana Bolivian port
  • Copacabana Church
  • Island of the Sun and Inca Ruins
  • Island of the Moon and Inca Ruins
  • Sailing and sunsets over the water
  • Underwater footage, frogs and old pottery findings

  • Cartagena de Indias
  • Spanish fortress San Felipe de Barajas (biggest Spanish fort in America)
  • Old Cartagena de Indias
  • Colonial Walls
  • Spanish fortress San Fernando (over the sea)
  • Coral Islands of The Rosario
  • Aquarium Playa Blanca (dolphyns)
  • Spanish fortress San Jose
  • Monasterio La Popa
  • Bocagrande (modern city of Cartagena)
  • Bogota (Capital city)
  • La Candelaria colonial district
  • Plaza Bolivar (Government square)
  • Cathedral


  • Sao Paulo
  • Rio Grande do Sul
  • Campinas
  • Parati village

AMERICA CENTRAL (Panamá, Costa Rica, Honduras)

EUROPA (Holanda, Bélgica, España, República Checa)